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Instructor introduction
Junichi Adegawa
Junichi Adegawa

Born in 1973 to a father and mother who ran a surf shop.From the time he was born, he grew up in an environment where the sea was the center of his life.
Not only surfing, but also kite surfing, SUP surfing, foil surfing, wave and wind, surfers who sympathize with it gather as one of the few oceanists in Japan who can establish a style to enjoy in the sea regardless of the conditions and propose that lifestyle. If the wind blows, kite surfing, if not, surfing, SUP surfing, and foil surfing. Currently, he works not only as a shop owner but also as a surf ambassador for patagonia, and is living a life pursuing Japan, the world, wind and waves.

1DAY ¥66,000(tax included)

+33,000 yen when using a marine jet

All staying guests can participate.



An activity that proposes enjoying the sea in the best way that day, depending on the wind, waves, and weather of the day, regardless of the shape of the sea or river.

The concierge is Jun Adegawa, a waterman representing Japan. He is well versed in ocean activities such as surfing, windsurfing, foil surfing, kite surfing, and wing foiling. 
That is why we are able to offer personalized programs for our guests, whether they are beginners or professionals, adults, children or families.

A polite invitation to a nature experience that is difficult to do alone, it will be the moment you knock on the door of an unknown active life.


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