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Vacation rental of whole house born between "city" and "nature"

Sit on a chair and look at the surface of the Isumi River gently flowing by the side of the lodge.

Then, before I knew it, I was absent-minded and regained my composure by the voices of wild birds reaching my ears.

Well, how much time has passed?

5 minutes, 10 minutes, or an hour.

Both seem to be correct and some seem to be wrong.

Free yourself from the concept of time.

Such moments will come again and again during your stay at this lodge.


The day begins waking up with the gentle rays of the morning sun, and ends with the setting sun over the mountains of the Boso Peninsula dyeing the surroundings a golden color.

It's up to the guests how they stay during that time.

While relaxing in a luxurious lodge, it's nice to spend some time enjoying the sauna.

Or it's fun to open the door to a new life.

A staircase in the cottage gives access to the river bank.

From there, you can start cruising on the Isumi River by SUP or canoe, or enjoy fishing.

The nearest surf spot is just a 10 minute drive away.


A retreat-like cottage where you can encounter "silence" and "dynamism"



Beautiful seas, rivers, and natural scenery remain,
Isumi City, which can be accessed in less than an hour from Tokyo
​The water flowing through Isumi City is abundant
Completed along the Isumi River
Whole house vacation hotel




820-1 Shiiki, Misakicho, Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture

  • by the river Isumi is a vacation rental.
    Please make a reservation after understanding that the staff is not stationed locally and we cannot provide the same service as the hotel.

  • ◾️ Cancellation fee

    • Within 48 hours after payment is completed: full refund

    • After 48 hours ~ 7 days before: 50% of the accommodation fee

    • 6 days before - 1 day before: 75% of the accommodation fee

    • On the day: 100% of the accommodation fee

    • No-show without contact: 100% of the accommodation fee

    Please note that changing the number of guests (decreasing the number of guests) within one week of your stay will be subject to a cancellation fee.
    For changes in the number of people, please be sure to contact us at least one week before the date of use.
    *Refunds will be made by bank transfer. (Non-refundable by credit card)

  • No shoes are allowed in guest rooms and terraces.
    Please take off your shoes at the entrance and use slippers indoors and special sandals on the terrace.
    Please be sure to wear a swimsuit when using the open-air bath and sauna.
    When checking out, please be sure to restore the facility to its current state, including washing the dishes.
    This facility is a rental villa, so meals are not included.
    It is prohibited to bring dangerous goods that are not related to leisure or life.
    Regardless of day or night, please be considerate of your neighbors.
    We are not responsible for any troubles with local residents.
    Please note that you may be asked to leave the room if there are complaints or reports from neighboring residents.
    (Please be careful about the volume in the parking lot especially after 20:00 at night)
    We are not responsible for any accidents or injuries caused by drinking alcohol.
    Please help us separate garbage.
    If you vomit due to drunkenness, etc., regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors, special cleaning is required, so we will charge a separate cleaning fee of 11,000 yen (tax included).

    There are places in the facility that are dangerous for small children and pets, so please be careful and keep an eye on them.
    Never go down into the river below the cliff. After the rain, the water rises and is especially dangerous.
    Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents, troubles, or injuries that occur at our facility.

    To prevent fires, the use of firearms such as fireworks is prohibited.
    If there is damage due to fire, we will charge the repair cost at actual cost.
    Please be careful when handling fire.
    If there is damage or stains (blood, etc.) on the building or incidental facilities due to the customer's negligence during the stay, we will charge the actual cost of repair, business guarantee, etc.
    Thank you for your understanding.

  • The basic fee for this facility is the rental fee for 5 people.
    Please note that it is not possible for anyone other than the hotel guests to enter the facility 
    (Additional charges will be incurred even if you stay without staying) 
    If it is discovered without contacting us, we will charge double the regular price.
    Also, if it is judged to be malicious, you may be asked to leave.
    No refunds will be given in that case. Thank you for your understanding.
    Please prepare by yourself.



¥6,600(tax included)

BBQ grill set

¥11,000(tax included)

SUP school

¥11,000(tax included)

surf school

¥11,000(tax included)

E-FOIL lesson

​Consultation required

adventure pack

​*We will prepare a plan that allows guests to enjoy the day with various activities that guests can enjoy according to the conditions of the day.


Basic fee for chartering the entire building

¥154,000(tax included)

weekday / sunday

¥165,000(tax included)

Saturday /Day before holiday

​ *All prices include tax

* Up to 5 people

Junior high school students and above Adult price
Elementary school students and younger ¥6,600
Separate cleaning fee ¥16,500

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